Light Up the 4th Of July

This 4th of July marks 245 years since the United States of America became an independent nation. Beyond the celebration of independence, the fourth of July for every American symbolizes a moment to celebrate tradition and family. It is typical in American households that the fourth is filled with fireworks and barbeques that is beautiful in itself.

While keeping with tradition, you can also make this year’s independence celebration memorable for your loved ones by including a special gift for them.

A gift on the fourth of July can commemorate that moment. It can act as a memory in the life of you and your loved one. For example, you can choose to present a gift to a child as they celebrate their first Independence day holiday.

You can also surprise a partner with a gift that marks your first Independence holiday with them.

But, there are not many gifts that can act as milestone markers for an independence holiday. Most independence day gifts feature a variety of patriotic symbols. While the blue, red, and white on items are beautiful, it limits the use of the gift to only moments where excessive use of these colors is allowed.

The question then becomes; what can I gift my loved ones with this fourth of July?

Engraved Jewelry

Engraved Jewelry can be traced back to the first century Egypt and Rome where gemstones featured cameos of influential leaders like Alexander the Great.

Over time engraved jewelry became known with the rich. Gemstones and bands had writing or family names carved into them to signify the amount of wealth a person possessed. This jewelry resembles what high school upperclassmen now use as class rings.

Engraved Jewelry is achieved by adding impressions or details upon the face or the interior of jewelry. The writing carved into jewelry often have sentimental meanings as they are often personal to the person wearing the jewelry. This is why they are one of the best gifts to purchase for your loved ones this fourth of July.


In ancient times,  it was common to find gemstones with engravings. Many speculate that only gemstones were used since engravings were a symbol of wealth, while others say that gemstones were used because only gemstones could handle the process of engraving.

Gone are the days where only certain materials could be engraved. As the years have progressed and technology advanced, almost anything can be engraved. Stones, wood ornaments, gold and silver necklaces, copper, fabric, and many others can be engraved upon.

Since our focus is engraved jewelry, what quality of jewelry should one engrave upon?

Well, for starters, Metals are most respected when it comes to tarnish-free materials. Metals are easier to engrave on and add intricate details too.

Types of Engraved Jewelry

Back in the Victorian era, engraved jewelry designs were intricate with love notes and swirling crosses. The Edwardian period showcased engraved jewelry with filigree details and milgrain designs, and the Medieval times showed engraved jewelry with poesy (words or poems engraved into jewelry). 

In medieval times, poesys were often found on rings and have therefore birthed the modern engraving classic we see all around. Anytime a single band or piece of jewelry is engraved with words, what we do is recreate a medieval tradition.

The beauty of poesy or classic engraving is that they capture a moment with words and create long-lasting memories beyond the independence day celebrations. There is no better way to commemorate you and your loved ones' first fourth of July than with any one of this engraved jewelry.

  • Engraved Rose necklace:  Roses, especially red ones, have been known to symbolize love. A metal rose further goes to emphasize the everlasting nature of the love you have for a person. 

Engraved rose necklaces speak of forever without words while still giving room for you to place a personal message of your choice to your loved one.

This engraved jewelry will make a statement with your loved one and commemorate a memorable fourth of July for not just a partner but a daughter or friend. 

  • Engraved Bracelet: Bracelets are known to symbolize relationships, both platonic and romantic. At one point or another, we have used or been gifted a friendship bracelet. 

An engraved bracelet takes it up a notch by providing a fashionable gold or silver bracelet that signifies the importance of your friends this holiday and beyond.

Words such as "our first fourth of July" followed by you and your friend's initials can be carved into the bracelet and sent off as a gift.

  • Engraved Anklet: Believe it or not, anklets are not only around but as trendy as ever.

An engraved anklet makes a fashionable and memorable gift to mark the independence holiday.

 The beauty of engraved anklets lies in how unique they are to the wearer. Engraved anklets feature details that are personal to whoever wears them.

When you consider what gifts are brought to parties during the fourth of July, jewelry doesn't even make the list of things expected.

But while everyone is coming in with barbeque ribs and corn on the cob or fireworks, jewelry will make a statement and have a longer-lasting effect than the food. Create new memories with your loved ones this fourth of July holiday with a gift.

Make each moment count. Besides, we shouldn't only celebrate our loved ones on their birthdays. 

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